Welcome to NESRA - The North East Sasquatch Researchers Association!

NESRA is an association of independent Bigfoot researchers and affiliated organizations who share strategies, theories, experiences and resources in a network, in hopes of discovering solid, scientific proof for the existence of the creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. While we encourage independent thought among our members, we want to stress that as a group, we do not subscribe to the idea that Bigfoot is anything other than a "flesh-and-blood", corporeal animal. Bigfoot or Sasquatch-type creatures may be rare, elusive and unusual, but they are in no way supernatural.

At NESRA, we strive to provide a definitive source of information on all things Bigfoot. We will supply you with the latest news involving the ongoing search for these creatures as well as with some of the oldest and newest stories about these creatures plus eyewitness sightings and encounters. We're also assembling a comprehensive, searchable sightings and encounters database for use in undertaking your own Bigfoot investigations.

Here at TeamNESRA.net, you can submit your Bigfoot / Sasquatch sighting or encounter report to NESRA-IDb - our searchable investigation and encounter database. Feel free to weigh in on ongoing research projects and share your ideas and experiences on the NESRA Forum. On our forum, you can feel comfortable about sharing your views without the risk of ridicule or harassment, as we will make the extra effort to keep the forum a friendly place.

The NESRA team is a group of everyday people from all walks of life who share a common interest in Bigfoot and specialize in field research. NESRA believes ongoing field research is essential in solving this mystery, and holds numerous location expeditions and investigations on an annual basis to gather primary research. You will find that as our efforts increase, we will add a wealth of articles about Bigfoot outings, field safety, NESRA Expedition and Field Reports and a whole lot more. We also recognize the need for "armchair" research, as this is invaluable to our search. We firmly embrace the idea that Bigfooting should be fun for all!

Your questions, comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and will serve to further the effectiveness of NESRA. We encourage you to become part of the NESRA team. Bookmark this page and check back with NESRA often as we will be adding new and interesting content to our site on a regular basis, including: recent sighting and encounter reports, field reports, outdoor safety articles, tracking techniques as well as interviews with our researchers and investigators and much more.

The truth is out there and we will find it!

NESRA Update status: It's come to my attention that many have expressed interest in the Database which has been down for a short time to facilitate a revamping of it. Also in progress is a migration from our existing forum to new software due to some minor issues there as well. The Database will back up shortly, the forum is a little more involved. To view more content on the forum, you'll want to register on the forum. If you have issues with getting registered, we have to content with spammers and the like, email us and we'll get you registered. Thanks again for your intererst in NESRA! Disclaimer towards Terms of Use: With regards to the database, we encourage folks interested in researching the regions covered to use the information provided as a guide, however if you want to reproduce the reports else where please contact the NESRA Board of Directors first to discuss. Copy and pasting content without giving due credit to the originators of that information (a repicrocal link) is NOT Fair Use, it's taking credit for the work of others.